Summers Heat 1,800 Sq. Ft. Madison Wood Stove - Model# 50-SHSSW01

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Smartstove™ by England’s Stove Works - Automatic Air Setback* Saves Time, Reduces Emissions and Improves Efficiency.

How much time do you spend “babysitting” your stove after you’ve lit the kindling pile? Most of the time it takes to start up, or reload, a cooled stove is spent encouraging the flame to catch and grow into a fire that is hot enough to persist without smoldering or going out completely. With the new technology in our Smartstove™, you will forget what it is like to “babysit” your fire.

At England’s Stove Works, our engineers have developed a patent pending Automatic Air Setback (AAS) that nurtures your fire from the moment you light it. This innovative stove comes equipped with a rotating trigger incorporated into the primary air control. To use the stove, you simply set the trigger, which allows a temporary flow of air into the stove, build and light your fire, set the main air control to where you like it, and let your Smartstove™ do the rest.

How does the AAS work?
- The AAS trigger clicks into place, much like cocking a gun
- When the stove is hot enough, the trigger is automatically released to close the extra air vents
- You choose whether the main stove control is set for high or low (low for a slow, overnight burn and high for a faster and hotter burn)

What are the benefits of using AAS technology?
- Your fires light quicker and easier
- Your stove burns more efficiently
- Your stove emits fewer pollutants

Product Features:

  • Smartstove™ wood burning unit
  • Features our ‘AAS’ Automatic Air Setback (Patent Pending)
  • More reliable start-ups and reloads - This results in loweremissions while being easier to operate for the user
  • No hearth protection needed (only spark & ember)
  • Room air blower is included for even more value
  • Unique angled pedestal design
  • Largest viewing glass in class (17 1/2" x 13") gives full view of firebox
  • Fully brick lined, high-tech firebox design for clean burn,excellent heat and long burn times
  • Outside air adaptable for safer, cleaner burns
  • Integrated, wrap-around heat shield for safer operation
  • Cast iron door with adjustable hinges
  • Choose between brass or nickel handle set - Both now included
  • Deep, side-access ash pan
  • Mobile Home Approved
  • E.P.A. (and WA State) certified

    Emissions: 2.48 g/hr.
    Efficiency: 72% (78% LHV)


  • Dimensions: 23 1/4 " W x 36 " H x 26 7/8" D
  • Weight: 395 lbs.
  • Type of fuel: Wood
  • Door glass: 17 1/2" x 13"
  • Flue size (I.D.): 6” Top Exhaust
  • Log Length: 18"

This product is drop shipped from the manufacture.
This product is shipped via truck freight with curb side service. Truck freight companies only require their drivers to unload the shipment from the truck. The carrier will call and schedule the delivery.

California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

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